A digital multimedia project exploring exile from ultra-Orthodox Judaism. Funded and originally published in English/Italian by Fabrica, with versions at VICE, i-D Magazine and The Jerusalem Report. Photographs by Bar Mayer. 


Exiled // Fabrica Research Centre

In 2015, I was sponsored by Fabrica Research Centre to report from Israel and Germany on the challenges faced by young Israeli Jews who had abandoned ultra Orthodoxy. This interactive feature (photographs by Bar Mayer) features eight first-person profiles based on extensive interviews. Read in Italian here.

Life after Leaving // VICE.COM

Growing up as one of 12 siblings in the remote ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of Tifrach in Israel, Bar Mayer never touched a boy, went to the movies, or revealed the skin below her collarbones. When she was 17 years old, she removed her socks while scrubbing the floor at home one hot night. Her mother sent her to her room for exposing her feet...

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Exploring the Pain of Religious Exile with a Camera // i-D MAGAZINE

Bar Mayer explores her rejection of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism by photographing the vulnerability of others who have abandoned belief.


Leaving the Faith // The Jerusalem Report

The black ink scrawled across her was nothing compared with the marks Anne bore from her childhood in Mea She’arim, the ultra-Orthodox enclave in the center of Jerusalem.